Hi there!

My name is Marlon and I’m a proud Jamaican who’s pretty much as geeky about cars as the next guy. I grew up leafing through auto-related material like Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Road and Track (plus I’m a HUGE Top Gear fan…the Clarkson era that is). By day, I’m an airline pilot (so I’m also passionate about aviation), husband and father. When I’m not at flying planes, I’m spending time with the family, wrenching on our cars, inspiring the next generation of aviators, or watching entirely too many Top Gear reruns (and MotorWeek, and Doug Demuro, etc).

I’ve always had a unique way of looking at cars and felt the need to jot down my views on cars I come across or news in the automotive world that may be of interest. Here, I break them down and give my, sometimes whimsical take on the automotive world. So stick around and enjoy!